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Why should you choose BuddyGold and not others?

Despite having a lot of customers feedbacks and donations on forums, we keep our rates fair. BuddyGold believes that people should pay the right and fair price for the gold. We are proud of the fact that we sell the cheapest 2007 Runescape and Runescape 3 gold among many trusted gold sellers on the market. On top of amazing base GP rates, we also add bulk bonuses and discounts. We make sure to update the price of our OSRS gold every single day. We are stocked by our suppliers hourly, thus we rarely run out of Old School Runescape or Runescape 3 gold. There is no other place that you find such a great combination of price, service quality and reputation in.

100% Safety Guaranteed!

Our customers are our top priority. We use various techniques to stay clean and most importantly keep our clients safe. To this day we have had no reports of anyone (including ourselves) being been banned for RWT – buying or selling gold with us. We purchase our gold from legitimate RuneScape players just like you. We will not disclose any information or transaction to anyone else but our company and our fund transferring allies.

The best providers of Cheap Runescape Gold are Back?

BuddyGold are expanding every day. Therefore, it allows us to provide the best service quality to enhance our loyal customers’ RuneScape gameplay.

Questing Services - BuddyGold questing services are quick and easy. It will allow you to skip the daunting task of completing RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape quests!
Minigame Services - BuddyGold Minigame Services will help our customers attain their outfits such as Void, Fighter Torso, Fire cape or even a Dragon Defender in the shortest time possible. It can be exhausting to spend days on a minigame so why not just do it the easy way?
Power-Level Services - Power-Levelling Services will enable our customers to level up to their desired skill or combat level in both 2007 RuneScape and RS3.
More payment methods for convenience

We are working on making more payment methods available for our customers to use. Partnership with other fund transferring companies will make it easier for our customers to achieve maximum satisfaction and convenience with their RuneScape gold sales and purchases.


BuddyGold shows paramount care to every single one of our Buddies. It's our mission to make everyone leave our website with a smile on their face. We do our best to accomplish this by offering the cheapest gold prices in the RuneScape market among trusted gold shops. We provide a fast, reliable and professional 24/7 live chat support to save you precious time. Furthermore, we are constantly looking into more opportunities to make your Runescape gameplay as exciting as it can be. BuddyGold is rising superstar company that is willing to do everything and anything to make our Buddies happy. We never fail to meet our customers’ expectations and promise to make the trade between us safe and smooth.

Buddygold - Probably the best Runescape services in the market!