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Why should you choose BuddyGold and not others?

Despite having a lot of customers feedbacks and donations on forums, we keep our rates fair. BuddyGold believes that people should pay the right and fair price for the gold. We are proud of the fact that we sell the cheapest 2007 Runescape and Runescape 3 gold among many trusted gold sellers on the market. On top of amazing base GP rates, we also add bulk bonuses and discounts. We make sure to update the price of our OSRS gold every single day. We are stocked by our suppliers hourly, thus we rarely run out of Old School Runescape or Runescape 3 gold. There is no other place that you find such a great combination of price, service quality and reputation in.

100% Safety Guaranteed!

Our customers are our top priority. We use various techniques to stay clean and most importantly keep our clients safe. To this day we have had no reports of anyone (including ourselves) being been banned for RWT – buying or selling gold with us. We purchase our gold from legitimate RuneScape players just like you. We will not disclose any information or transaction to anyone else but our company and our fund transferring allies.

Swapping Is So Simple

Bored of playing Runescape 3 and want to go over to Old School Runescape or vice versa? Want to start over fresh? In that case, this place is for you! Bring us your gold from an unplayed server and we will swap it to another server’s gold for the best rate. The whole process will take several minutes and you will be able to enjoy the world of Runescape with your starter’s capital.

Runescape Swapping History

It all started in year 2013 when Old School Runescape was released. Lots of veteran players were thirsty for nostalgia filled Old School Runescape experiences but they did not want to start from scratch. This is how Swapping services came to be. Everybody feeling nostalgic were trading their Runescape 3 currency to Old School Runescape one. As time passed this service was always present however, nowadays there are people who want to feel the atmosphere of Runescape 3 and they are swapping Old School gold as well.

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