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RuneScape 3 Gold
Current Price Per Million: 5 USD
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The process of buying RS3 gold is very simple and easy. Most often, we deliver gold within 2-6 minutes after you check out. However, sometimes there are difficulties that make it longer. Follow this instruction to make no misunderstandings:

1. Scroll up until you can see Runescape 3 title, Amount, Delivery Name, Email and Coupon blank fields.;
2. Enter the desired amount of RuneScape 3 gold;
3. Enter your RuneScape display name. The gold will be delivered to this character ONLY!;
4. Enter your email adress. The information about your order will be delivered there.
5. Choose the desired payment method and check out;
6. After order was successfully made, click on the live chat square in the right-hand bottom corner to start the chat;
7. Live chat agent might ask for some information in order to verify your order;
8. The gold will be instantly delivered upon completing verification process.
9. After successfully receiving the goods, leave feedback about us: TESTIMONIALS

Why should you choose BuddyGold and not others?

Despite having a lot of customers feedbacks and donations on forums, we keep our rates fair. BuddyGold believes that people should pay the right and fair price for the gold. We are proud of the fact that we sell the cheapest Runescape 3 gold among many trusted gold sellers on the market. On top of amazing base GP rates, we also add bulk bonuses and discounts. We make sure to update the price of our Rs3 gold every single day. We are stocked by our suppliers hourly, thus we rarely run out of Runescape 3 gold. There is no other place that you find such a great combination of price, service quality and reputation in.

100% Safety Guaranteed!

Our customers are our top priority. We use various techniques to stay clean and most importantly keep our clients safe. To this day we have had no reports of anyone (including ourselves) being been banned for RWT – buying or selling gold with us. We purchase our gold from legitimate RuneScape players just like you. We will not disclose any information or transaction to anyone else but our company and our fund transferring allies.

Swapping and Selling Gold to BuddyGold

We also swap gold between OSRS, RS3 and RuneScape Deadman Mode servers. Swapping has been active since many players quit RuneScape 3 to join nostalgic Old School RuneScape. We sell billions of Runescape 3 gold every day and we have a huge demand for RS3 gold. We always offer a competitive price. If you feel like making some money, contact our live agents to negotiate the price!

Hey! Wait a minute! You are going to miss something!

If you accidentally openned the wrong page while were searching for RS3 gold or another Runescape Services, you're still in the right page! We are selling Runescape 3 Gold and providing Runescape Services as well! Check it out here! Old School Runescape Gold | Powerleveling | Questing

Short History of RS3

Runescape 3 is also known as RS3 or Evolution of Combat (EOC). It is the modern and current version of Runescape. Throughout the period of almost two decades, RS3 has seen lots of ups and downs. It all began with Runescape classic, a game which evolved to Runescape 2. RS2 is responsible for most of our childhood. Eventually Jagex decided to completely change the game by releasing a controversial update called “Evolution of Combat”. A large percentage of players were against such a drastic change; however, developers saw that the gaming world was changing and decided to go through with the update. This made a large number of players quit but the ones who stuck around, they loved it! Runescape 3 has come a long way since its initial release. A lot of things were fixed and improved. In 2017 Runescape 3 offers good-looking high definition graphics, intuitive combat system, fresh interface and lots of game content. The whole Runescape player base is almost equally split between Old School Runescape and modern Runescape 3.

If you would rather swap your gold to or from a Runescape Server check out our RS Swap Page for the best rates! Happy Runescaping!

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